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Retro Force (PlayStation)

Retro Force was a retro-styled 2D shooter in 3d for the PlayStation, from publisher Psygnosis.  It was my first full devlopment cycle, and was in fact based on my original concept/design (though not much of it remained in the finished version). Sadly it did not fare too well with critics or on the shop shelves, but it was a learning experience at least 🙂

My primary areas were weapons and graphical effects, along with parts of the scripting system, the landscape renderer and many other bits and pieces.

Gameplay footage:

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  1. This was one of the worst games I have ever played in my life. I used to be a very huge fan of this game from the early days of when I first saw it on the German PlayStation Zone magazine demo disc from March 99, in where I played the demo of the game and also unsurprisingly fell in love with Paris Tetsuo (The female character from the game, that I now hate nowadays, after I realized of how absolutely static, dull and lifeless they are, and don’t have any personality whatsoever, except that the manual has descriptions about them, aswell as their biographies, which are never explained in-game.) aswell as with the game itself, as I used to love this game over the years until now, to the days of 2010, when there were fanarts of the game in existence, but sadly, most of them were all gone since the beginning of 2012. I still have saved two of the fanarts from the game that you can view them here:

    The other pic with Plexy written in it, was actually part of a fansequel to the game in form of fanfiction, that I was part of in the making of it, which was called Combat Force Pack (The team was comprised of four Retro Force OCs: Clare Raydar (The girl in red suit on the pic), Cory Raydar (A blonde guy with blue suit and green stripes), Gaizare (A cat, similar to Pi, but more advanced) and Flenzer (A robot, who looks exactly like Sinclair, but recolored), that was originally concepted by a friend of mine from Wales, who also used to be a huge fan of this game, but now ultimately dispises it for all the wrong reasons (Possibly the same reasons as I stated before).

    Both of these fanarts were made by a friend from Wales.

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