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Colony Wars: Red Sun (PlayStation)

Colony Wars: Red Sun was the 3rd game in the Colony Wars franchise from Psygnosis, and under the direction of a new team there was an effort to move away from the militaristic feel of the first 2 games by setting the 3rd sequel in a backwater region of the galaxy, and giving the player a strong character to identify with.  Art and narrative were a little more whimsical, and the game introduced an upgrade system and hub-based mission structure.

My main area of responsibility was weapons and graphical effects, which had always been a strong point in the Colony Wars series.  I was quite pleased with my contribution to this tradition, with one reviewer commenting that the game was “worth playing for the fantastic explosions alone”.  I also worked on the HUD and updated player controls.

Reviews at Game Rankings.

Intro movie

Gameplay footage:

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