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SmartCopy updated

September 11, 2014

Uploaded a new version of SmartCopy:

  • Added ‘ignore extension’ operation
  • Fixed crash when selecting a folder that has been deleted outside the app
  • Updated readme.txt with explanation of options, including why ‘ignore extension’ might be useful

Get the new version at SourceForge

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  1. Ahoy there! I really liked the concept and as it turns out, you’ve chosen a use-case that I had in mind since a long time, but never really found the ‘right’ tool to do it!

    I use XMBC to manage my media library and was wondering whether it could serve as a good entry point for ‘selection’ of files – right from the XBMC GUI.

    Would you be interested in writing an XBMC plugin that integrates with your tool? You’ve mentioned in the ‘readme.txt’ in your SourceForge repo that SmartCopy was initially written in Python, so I assume you’re comfortable with writing Python code – which is what an XBMC plugin is.

    If you’re interested, then would you like to collaborate on this? I can contribute by writing Python code too!

    (I don’t know if you can see my e-mail when I comment, so you can just reply via a comment here, I’ll check back!)

  2. Hi Omkar, I haven’t actually written any Python code in quite a while… I lost faith in the language when they broke backward compatibility between v2 and v3… particularly because a lot of my Python apps used wxPython as the GUI and that wasn’t updated to work with Python 3 until last year (in fact I only just discovered that it finally has been!).

    I’d be happy to provide the Python source for the original SmartCopy as a reference, but since it’s built on wxPython I’m not sure how straightforward it would be to adapt it to run in an XBMC context.

  3. To be honest, I haven’t done an XBMC plugin yet – but from my experience, anything in Python has a decent, manageable learning curve!
    I have a sort of reverse experience in terms of Python v2 v/s v3 – I find myself backporting or making derivative works out of features in Python 3 that work in v2 – because, and we’ve all been there, for whatever reason, we *must* use Python 2!

    Sure – it’d be good to take a look at your source code as a reference. You can get in touch via my GitHub account:

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